With our highly skilled specialists, Serena Nails & Spa's team provides a wide range of cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. We make sure you are looking and feeling your best.




Let our professional beauty specialists pamper your hands with any or all of our treatments. We only use organic supplies at our shop- chemical free!

We offer the following treatments:

       *Provide Purell  hand santizer or pray hand santizer at each nail stations .

  • Manicure (cutting , shaping, filing & cleaning with polish)
  • Provide Ionica Disposable Non - woven Gloves with a gel manicure.
  • Cuticle removal
  • Dip- Powder Nails Extention, Acrylic Nails Extention. 
  • Nail art (sculptured & artificial nails)



Just think how good it would feel to give your feet a dose of luxury care and support with three options to  choose. 

We offer the following treatments:


 * DIY Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Soak R.Pedicure

  • Pedicure (trimming, cleaning & filing with polish
  • Nail art (sculptured & artificial nails)
  • Aromatherapy foot bath
  • Provide sugar scrubs, organic lotion, callus removal.
  • Apply Colors.

 * Organic Spa Pedicure

  • Aromatherapy foot bath
  • Pick out the organic senses 
  • Sugar scrub, offer special callus removal
  • 10minutes massage with hot stones
  • Foot mask

 * Serena's Signature Pedicure

  • Aromatherapy foot bath      
  • Pick out the organic senses. 
  • Sugar scrub,  included  special callus removal.
  • 10minutes massage with hot stone, hot oil
  • Foot mask
  • Paraffin treatment to prevent the crack & moisture on your heel.  


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